Words of wisdom

Ljudmila Ulitskaja, one of today’s most respected Russian writers, few days ago wrote: “Guys would you, by any chance, please go to hell?”.

“I am referring to those who lay siege to an embassy, vandalize grocery stores, chase after Georgian wine and then Estonian cheese — this feckless gang of hooligans who desecrate gravestones with paint, and earn their living through feuds, hatred and guns.

Estonians are not obliged to celebrate the Soviet regime that forcibly introduced collectivization and industrialization, and repressed their people. This also applies to our soldier, a liberator whom they are not obliged to venerate. Graves, yes everybody should honour the graves. Honour the graves of foreigners and the graves of their own. Yet, you guys demand this respect from another nation when you have yet to learn how to respect your own dead in their graves!”

Words of wisdom

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